(Rebel Coins 1644 - 1678 a.d.)
Hsing Chao

Dynasty: End of Ming
Seat of Government:
Emperor: Sun K'o Wang
Reign Title: P'ing Tung Wang & I Wang

Also see Hsing Chao Charms (none)





27 mm
Obv.: Hsing Chao T'ung Pao
Rev.: Bottom: Kung
Ref.: [S] No. 1330

"Sun K'o Wang was the adopted son of Chang Hsien Chung (see Ta Shun coins), and altered his name to Chang when taking charge of the Eastern army. After the death of Chang Hsien Chung, Sun entered Yunnan and called himself the P'ing Tung Wang, 'the Prince-Pacificator of the East.' He cast the Hsing Chao currency, and on surrendering to the Manchus, he resumed his old name Sun and was styled I Wang, the 'Patriot-Prince.' "[S]

Please note that Hsing Chao is not the reign title but the name of the currency.


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