(Rebel Coins 1644 - 1678 a.d.)
Hung Kuang

Dynasty: End of Ming, Prince of Flu
Seat of Government: Nanking
Emperor: Flu Wang (1644 a.d.)
Reign Title: Hung Kuang (1644 a.d.)

Also see Hung Kuang Charms (none)





25 mm
Obv.: Hung Kuang T'ung Pao
Rev.: Plain
Ref.: [S] No. 1287

"Chu Yu Sung, Fu Wang, was a grandson of Shen Tsung (Wan Li). In the third moon of the Chia Shen (year 1644), Ma Shih Ying received the Prince at Nanking, and the latter ascended the throne, adopting the year title Hung Kuang. In the tenth moon of the same year the above coin was cast" [S]


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