(Rebel Coins 1644 - 1678 a.d.)
Li Yung

Dynasty: End of Ming, Chou
Seat of Government: Fu, Yunnan Prov.
Emperor: Wu San Kuei (died 1678 a.d.)
Reign Title: P'ing Hsi Wang

Also see Chao Wu Charms (none)





24 mm
Obv.: Li Yung T'ung Pao
Rev.: Plain
Ref.: [S] No. 1335

"Wu San Kuei was born in Lao-Tung in Southern Manchuria. As a commander in the Chinese army he invited the Manchus into China, and was appointed by them to rule Yunnan with the title of P'ing Hsi Wang, Pacificator of the West. On his occupation of Yunnan whe made use of the copper he secured in the mountains and cast the Li Yung T'ung Pao coins. In 1674 he usurped the throne , and in 1678 he changed his year title to Chao Wu and cast the Chao Wu T'ung Pao coin" [S]


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