Chinese charms, sections 1-2


Obverse of coin charms have inscriptions, that are identical to coin's legends of different Chinese dynasties and rulers. Main rule of legend reading - from top to bottom, from right to left. However, in a few cases, they are read in the Clockwise direction (trbl). These items can be identified if they have one of the following bottom characters:
Tung meaning "current"
Yuan meaning "new, starting, opening"
Chung meaning "heavy"

New sections (not entered by [M]) are signed with red section number.


1.1 Knives
1.120 Shih Chien Wu Chu
1.2 Pan Liang
1.3 Ta Ch'uan Wu Shih
1.4 Ta Pu Huang Ch'ien
1.5 Huo Pu
1.6 Huo Ch'uan
1.7 T'ai P'ing Pai Ch'ien
1.9 Wu Chu
1.10 Ch'ang P'ing Wu Chu
1.11 T'ai Huo Liu Chu
1.12 Wu Hsing Ta Pu
1.13 Yung T'ung Wan Kuo
1.14 K'ai Yüan T'ung Pao
1.15 Te I Yüan Pao
1.16 Shun T'ien Yüan Pao
1.17 Yung T'ung Ch'uan Huo
1.18 Chou Yüan T'ung Pao

Nothern Sung Dynasty
1.21 Sung Yüan T'ung Pao
1.22 T'ai P'ing T'ung Pao
1.23 Hsien P'ing Yüan Pao
1.24 T'ien Sheng Yüan Pao
1.25 Hsi Ning Yüan Pao
1.26 Yüan Feng T'ung Pao
1.27 Ch'ung Ning T'ung Pao
1.28 Ch'ung Ning Chung Pao
1.29 Ta Kuan T'ung Pao
1.30 Hsuan Ho T'ung Pao

Southern Sung Dynasty
1.41 Shao Hsing Yüan Pao
1.42 Ch'ien Tao Yüan Pao
1.43 Shun Hsi Yüan Pao
1.44 Ch'ing Yüan T'ung Pao
1.45 Chian Ting Yüan Pao

Liao Dynasty
1.51 T'ai P'ing Yüan Pao

Chin Dynasty
1.61 Cheng Lung Yüan Pao
1.62 Ta Ting T'ung Pao
1.63 T'ai Ho Chung Pao
1.64 T'ai Ho T'ung Pao

Yüan Dynasty
1.71 Chih Yüan T'ung Pao
1.72 Ta Yüan T'ung Pao
1.73 Chih Cheng T'ung Pao
1.74 Chih Cheng Chih Pao

Ming Dynasty
1.81 Hung Wu T'ung Pao
1.82 Yung Lo T'ung Pao
1.83 Cheng Te T'ung Pao
1.84 Wan Li T'ung Pao
1.85 Ch'ung Chen T'ung Pao
1.86 Ta Shun T'ung Pao
1.87 Ta Chung T'ung Pao
1.88 T'ian Ch'i T'ung Pao

Ch'ing Dynasty
1.91 Shun Chih T'ung Pao
1.92 K'ang Hsi T'ung Pao
1.93 K'ang Hsi Chung Pao
1.94 Yung Cheng T'ung Pao
1.95 Ch'ien Lung T'ung Pao
1.96 Chia Ch'ing T'ung Pao
1.97 Tao Kuang T'ung Pao
1.98 Hsien Feng T'ung Pao
1.99 Hsien Feng Yüan Pao
1.99a Hsien Feng Chung Pao
1.100 T'ung Chih T'ung Pao
1.101 Kuang Hsu T'ung Pao
1.101a Kuang Hsu Chung Pao
1.102 Hsuan T'ung T'ung Pao

T'ai P'ing Rebels
1.111 T'ai P'ing T'ung Pao



2.1 Knife shape
2.2 Halberd shape
2.3 Spade shape
2.4 Square shape
2.5 Round shape

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