Section 1.83: "Charms with coin inscriptions: Cheng Te T'ung Pao"

Cheng Te T'ung Pao

Dynasty: Ming (1368-1644 a.d.)
Emperor: Wu Tsung (1505-1521 a.d.)
Years title: Cheng Te (1505-1521 a.d.)

The legend of this coin is a favorite to use as an amulete and many of these coins will be found with ornamental rims and reverses decorated with dragons and other designs. [CR]
In [M] book we can find 41 items with that coin legend.

Rev.: Two dragons - includes [M] 1.83.11

Rev.: Phoenix (left), Dragon (right) - includes [M] 1.83.15, 18, 23, others
Rev.: Dragon, Phoenix and Sun - includes [M] 1.83.27
Rev.: Dragon (left), Phoenix (right) - includes [M] 1.83.29, 35, others
Obv.: Decorated rim with Dragon and Phoenix
Rev.: Wen- includes [M] 1.83.37, 38
Rev.: Flower pattern and phoenix
Rev.: Ch'ang Ming Fu Kuei

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